WP Optin Lock Plugin

Attention: WordPress Blogger

If you are building an email list than you need to see this…

Get More Emails by Delivering The Goods Straight Away!

… unlock any piece of content after opting into your email list …

If you are a content creator, blogger, marketer or business owner…

… you definitely have free content to give away and you need to hide the best bits behind an opt-in.

Just do it the right way where you users are instantly delivered the content.

However you need to deliver the “goods” right away to provide instant value. This one wordpress blog will lock away any content you want, download links, videos, anything!

It is shown to your users instantly providing incredible value.

Your subscribers will be happier about staying on your list and it will cookie them so they will always see the unlocked content.

Watch How to Instantly Setup

Now you can instantly deliver the download link, video or any piece of content you want to show and have your thank you be a popup. They will be 10x happier about staying on your list as you delivered INSTANT value.

You are going to love the “WP Optin Lock” wordpress plugin, it literally takes seconds to setup. You can start boosting your email list while providing instant value to your subscribers.

Just add your auto-responder code, setup some customizing details and add the shortcode to any blog post or page. You will collect leads and be able to show instantly any content that you need such as a bonus, download or a video.

Pretty cool right? Certainly you want to add the WP Optin Lock to your marketing arsenal with WordPress.

Examples of Optin Lock Designs

WP Optin Lock Plugin
WP Optin Lock Plugin
WP Optin Lock Plugin
WP Optin Lock Plugin
WP Optin Lock Plugin
WP Optin Lock Plugin

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