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RE: How To Get The Most Power Out of Your Videos

Blogging and specifically WordPress blogs are one of the most effective ways to share you videos on while harnessing your web traffic.

Wordpress is the THE blogging platform that you need to be using with tonnes of plugins and themes... and it's completely free...

Most importantly Google LOVES Wordpress and your blogs always ready for search traffic with a number of FREE plugins to optimize traffic.

Stop Missing Out on Engaged Viewers!

VideoPop - Don't Lose Sales

But it can be very hard to get your traffic to sign up to your email list or make the sale. Your traffic watches your video and leaves..

You see... most of your blog visitors only notice your videos. Sometimes leaving to watch more unrelated video immediately after.

Your traffic has become hyper aware of videos and in most cases completely blind to ads.

This can be a huge hit on the growth of your business. Every time you embed a video with YouTube your visitors may leave for the next viral hit...

Don't worry - you can fix this!

When have you Wordpress blog generating high quality traffic it can be easy to convert a small percentage of them into leads and sales...

You CAN increase the leads & sales

Focus exactly where your traffic is focused on...

Optimize your videos for leads and sales

Utilize the "pattern interupt" technique to convert viewers of your video into leads, sales and grow your traffic with social buttons.

Convert Video Traffic Into Sales

When we first seen how powerful adding our interactive videos to our blogs we shot up 3x in just on week..

The VideoPop! video player literally beat the pop-up box we were using. Our visitors would close the popup and just watch the video...

And that's where VideoPop! does it's magic. Converting viewers into leads and sales.

We're extremely excited to introduce this ALL-NEW plugin...

VideoPop! Wordpress Plugin

VideoPop! Wordpress Plugin Box

You see... the best way to interact with your traffic is through video and YouTube provides you with FREE video bandwidth...

Simply add your YouTube ID into the plugin and your videos get instant access to the ultimate interactive video player - all while still using your YouTube video.

I bet you are thinking it all sounds too easy - well... it is. Instead of embeding your video haphazardly into your next blog post - use VideoPop!

Simply add a shortcode instead long complicated code!

You are getting access to features that YouTube simply cannot give you. You can collect emails, get social traffic with hover share buttons, make sales with Call to Action popup and even target your customers with the RIGHT video.

VideoPop is jam-packed with features

Need analytics? Done. Inside the plugin dashboard you will get the Views, Clicks and The Click-Through Rate so you can track performance for free!

Let's get started - it's easy!

VideoPop! Wordpress Plugin Box

Easy, right? Install and activate just like any other Wordpress Plugin.

VideoPop! Wordpress Plugin Box VideoPop! Wordpress Plugin Box VideoPop! Wordpress Plugin Box

Create Unlimited Video Players

On all your blog posts.. just create new shortcodes and use anywhere you want on your blog.

Everything you need is at your finger tips. You can literally take ANY auto-responder service like Aweber, Get Response or any other and collect leads inside your video.

It's a complete game changer. You can now make your videos WORK for you. Just by using the VideoPop wordpress plugin.

Make your videos work for you. Here is why you need to use the plugin:

Convert Video Traffic Into Sales

This is the fastest way to optimize something you are already doing - adding video to your blogs! Just use this ONE plugin and watch your leads and sales grow!

Marketing online isn't always easy... in fact most times you need to provide the most valuable information the fastest...

And how do you do that? Through videos and effective implentation through the VideoPop! plugin. Not convinced? Here is what the experts are saying about selling online:

Convert Video Traffic Into Sales

Pretty straight forward, right? Either way it's simple, provide the right information and customers will buy when they are ready. Simple.

Something your visitors haven't seen before...

Basically you just need to offer the right product to the right audience. With the power of VideoPop you can provide a "Question" to choose the right video for that audience. A great way to capture attention and show the right message.

Collect leads, make sales and show targetted videos? All in one plugin? That's awesome is what you are probably saying to yourself.

How much is this going to me? Close to nothing!

Crazy, right? You get instant access to the VideoPop plugin to use on ALL your wordpress plugins right away.

Remember there is absolutely no risk! If for any reason you are not satisfied (which we guarantee you will be) you can get a full refund.

You NEED this before you post your next YouTube video because you are missing out on the interactive video player to get more leads, sales and even more traffic!

Order Now with PayPal for Only $19.99

You only get charged once! And you can use it for a lifetime.. Free access to any updates! And don't forget your 100% risk-free...

You need to grab your copy now and post your next video on your blog.

P.S. Purchase the VideoPop plugin before the price increases! The value here is worth 100x what is being charged. You get access to use on all your blogs!

P.S.S. What are you waiting for? Grab it right now!


Use the best blogging platform that is easy to use and free!


Transform all your youtube videos and optimize them for traffic.

Collect Leads

Use any auto-responder with an elegant opt-in popup on videos.

Track Analytics

Get the important stats that you need to optimize for growth.

Video Popup!

Collect leads, make sales, get social traffic and target videos.

Targetted Viewers

Show the right video for your audience by asking a question.

That is just some of the awesome features you will get access too. Make sure to grab your copy of VideoPop to get access to all the features in your wordpress blog.

Order VideoPop and collect leads, get sales and traffic on complete auto-pilot!

Check out The Demo GIF:

Pretty awesome, right? You can have access to this player and edit the content and your videos all with the VideoPop! Plugin. Remember you can add unlimited videos in all your wordpress blogs.

You get access to all those features in your wordpress blog. Just click the button below to get instant access!

100% Money Back Guarantee -- Order Now and Install on All Your Blogs for One Low Price!

You will improve your conversion rate with VideoPop plugin however no guarantee on results that we have may apply. This is just a disclaimer - you need a good video and good traffic, but even low amounts of traffic have proven to convert.

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