How is this even possible? It's simple. Create buzz, generate interested and collect a database of customers BEFORE even selling a single thing. This sounds too simple, but it's the best way to sell anything.

If you are not following this method you are leaving 90% of the real profit on the table. I know that it has been hard to follow this method, settling for 10% profit was "good enough"

"Good Enough" is NOT Good Enough!

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Normally you need to build out the entire process and can be very tedious, and most end up just cold-selling the product. Today is the perfect time to make a change and your going to do this with WP Launch Theme.

If you can setup a blog, then you can launch your product properly and make the 90% profit that you have been leaving on the table this entire time. Remember, "good enough" won't fly anymore.

Use WP Launch Theme to Setup The Entire Product Launch Process With Easy Admin Panel

The best part, it's all point and click. Even if you don't have the product you can still follow the "Product Launch Formula". You may be wondering just what that formula is..

It really can be that easy, with WP Launch Theme it becomes a matter of blogging and customizing it through admin panel.

Now that you now know the "Product Launch Method" you can now see all the features that make WP Launch Theme worth downloading right now, even if you don't have the product done - or if your product isn't even started!

And do much more all with the WP Launch Theme. Customize the look quickly, edit the home page content, start collecting email leads, you can even create private pages to give inside information to your subscribers.

Support and how-to is included inside the Admin Panel. The blog setup is super easy, just like any other blog theme you just upload to your Wordpress blog installation. It's just that easy. Then select the admin panel and from there it's all explained for you.

And.. That's Only The Blog! There is More..

Most of your traffic that is organic will land on one of your blog posts, or even the main blog post itself. The blog is designed to capture leads, interest in your product on all blog posts.

Add more strength to your product launch.. Create your own unique pages using the super quick and easy to use editor inside the wordpress theme options.

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P.S. All the steps on how to customize and setup the autoresponder and create private pages is shown to you inside the Admin Panel for quick and easy access.

If you have a product for relaunch, one in development or even just started the WP Launch Theme will help you create the product launch to grab that 90% missing profit, because "good enough" isn't good enough!