No Leak Landing Pages

Take every opportunity possible to capture the lead of every visitor.

In this highly optimized landing page you will seize every chance you have and eliminate any leaks.

Connect your landing pages for pretty URLs. Check out the demo to view a customized highly targetted direct response landing page.

Wordpress Plugin

Harness the power of Wordpress and create unlimited completely customized landing pages using the highly optimized lead generating system.

Lead Generating

Use direct response tactics to get the most out of your landing pages. Bring each visitor through steps geared on your call-to-actions.

Complete Control

Edit every part of the content, call to actions and edit each email optin area. Layout has been designed for MAX effectiveness.

Multiple Features

Fully loaded with all the features you need to create the ultimate landing page that WILL make you more leads instantly!

Newbie Friendly

Made for all users to create highly effective lead capturing landing pages in wordpress fast and perfectly!

Page Management

Manage unlimited landing pages that are a breeze to edit and connect to any WP page for SEO friendly URLS to rank your page better.

Edit and Delete

You can edit and delete any of your pages with one click. All in one place to make management as simple and easy as possible.

Landing Page

You can literally make landing pages that are small and super long. Works for absolutely any NICHE you need!


Choose the date for your offer to closed to increase the scarcity of your offer to increase conversions.

Sales Tactic

Add effective call to action button aswell as the current price and discounted price - proven to increase sales.

Header Slider

Add a full width responsive image slider to enhance the effectiveness of your landing page to promote your offer.

Design Controls

Upload your own background images that automatically stretch and change other design options for a unique design.

Secret Process

Using a secret system that shows the simple optin CTA first and then slides up for a HIGHLY effective sales / landing page.

Mobile Ready

Developed using responsive CSS/HTML framework to work perfectly on Desktop, Mobile and Tablet - capture the whole market!

Direct Response

Many techniques are at work in this highly optimized landing page plugin for wordpress. Already implemented techniques!

Social Share

Share your landing page in multiple areas using variety of methods to increase your social shares for your landing pages.

Built-in Scarcity Techniques

Increase the effectiveness of your call to action on any offer you want. Add countdown to increase the scarcity and motivation for your visitors to click on that button. This landing page is using techniques to increase your conversions.

Your secret internet marketing weapon...

Use this ONE landing page for ALL your upcoming lead campaigns because you can customize it to keep it simple or have a fully featured landing page that will sell absolutely any offer, service or package you have going.

** IMPORTANT ** - Show Only The Essentials!

The power of this landing page plugin is the techniques it is using. First you show a simple optin form that visitors can choose to subscribe OR click the bottom arrow to show a FULLY FEATURED sales landing page.

Grab the lead again or sell absolutely any type of offer. Using direct response tactics to increase your conversions immediately!

Manage Pages Inside Wordpress

You can add, edit and delete your landing pages on the fly. Manage them all inside of your wordpress blog so that you have simple easy access to all your landing pages. Super easy to use user interface makes it a very fun experience to create new landing pages!

You can put any of your landing pages to your wordpress pages to have SEO friendly pretty urls that will rank beautifully. Connect any wordpress page to any of your custom landing pages easily!

Fully Featured Landing Page

Showcase the highest converting tactics employed all in one powerfull landing page. Inclues two highly effectively placed social share buttons with stats displayed as social proof. Use the power of scarcity to increase conversions on your offers with a buy button link that is fully editable!

Add unlimited amount of landing pages and connect them to unlimited amount of wordpress pages. All of the latest techniques to increase leads are being used in this MEGA landing page wordpress plugin.

Wordpress Plugin

Works as a wordpress plugin to make it super easy to install and use right away.

100% Money Back

If you are not happy you can get 100% of your money back without questions. Just let us know!

Easy to Use

Install in seconds, create new landing page, save and connect to any wordpress page. SIMPLE!


All you need is the HTML form from ANY auto-responder service and it automatically connects!

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